About Jetline

About Jetline

Jetline Engineering is a leading supplier of automated welding systems and components. We apply proven experience and innovative solutions to automated welding and help manufacturing companies around the world to improve product quality and increase productivity.

Jetline Engineering’s history dates back to 1956 when the supplier of mechanized welding systems called Airline Welding and Engineering was founded. From the early days the company pioneered the development of automated welding methods and machines for the West’s booming aerospace industry. The experience gained in the welding of components for the aerospace and nuclear industries enabled Airline (later renamed Jetline Engineering) to apply the know-how to the design and manufacturing of automated welding systems.

In 2000, Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a Fortune 500 Company, acquired Jetline Engineering and integrated it into its Welding Products Group. This group consists of such well known brands as Miller Electric, Hobart Brothers, Weldcraft, Bernard, Smith, and Tempil.

Today Jetline serves a very diverse customer base, including many multinational manufacturing companies, offering them a wide range of welding automation products. Thousands of Jetline welding systems are used all over the world to build critical components for the aerospace, power generation, transportation, shipbuilding, and general manufacturing industries. We help companies to build not only critical components such as turbines and jet engines, but also commercial products such as truck fuel tanks and kitchen sinks.

Jetline products fall into three distinct categories:
    Fixtures – to hold and position the torch and/or part
    Controls and Accessories – to regulate or control the welding parameters
    System Integration - turnkey solutions that are custom built to meet our customers’ needs

From the design to the installation phase our engineers work in concert with the customer to deliver solutions that help them stay competitive in today’s global marketplace. This partnership creates an environment where the customer’s expectations are defined and met before the product ships.

Jetline Engineering specializes in the manufacture and supply of equipment for automated arc welding - GTAW, PAW, GMAW, and SAW. Our mission is to provide our customers with a complete solution: on the individual control or component level, as a retrofit to existing equipment, or to design and build a total turnkey solution.
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