Weld Head Locators
Weld Head Locators

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Weld Head Locators

Weld head locators (manipulators) allow for simplified torch positioning when parts vary in shape and size. The column, as an option, can be fitted with a bearing allowing it to rotate and position the welding head over multiple welding positioners. The motorized boom or column can be used as a welding axis for linear joints.

  • For torch positioning for circumferential welding or for linear welding applications
  • Three models are available to accommodate a wide range of loads and reach requirements. The largest model can carry loads up to 400 lb (180 kg). with a maximum boom reach of 131” (3325 mm)
  • The powered vertical lift, boom, and optional king-pin base provides high flexibility for welding parts with various shapes and sizes
  • The sturdy design assures vibration free torch positioning
  • The three models, WHL-3C4X3, WHL-4D6X6, and WHL-5D10X10, can be ordered with the fixed base, kingpin base, or cart options
  • The fixed base model is ideal for applications where the weld head locator is serving a fixed positioner
  • The king-pin base option allows the weld head locator to be rotated 360 degrees. This is useful when the weld head is servicing multiple positioners or when the part is not always in the same location in relationship with the WHL
  • The optional cart is allows the weld head locator to be moved along a track
  • Powered or non-powered travel cart
  • A powered boom is optional on the WHL-3C4X3 and WHL-4D6X6 models and is standard on the WHL-5D10X10 model


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