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9700 Microprocessor Weld Controllers

The 9700 series controls are the standard Jetline control and sequencer used on our motor-driven equipment. The 9700 controls can be used for either longitudinal or circumferential welding systems.

  • Designed to control all motor driven Jetline equipment
  • Provides programmable speed control with travel start and stop delay times
  • Provides a closing contact to initiate and extinguish the welding arc
  • Provides a contact for a pneumatic torch with start and stop delay times
  • Closed-loop control is available for better speed holding accuracy and display of actual travel speed
  • Can be used with GTAW, PAW, GMAW, FCAW, and SAW welding processes
  • User-friendly front panel layout and software routines for setup and operation
  • Easy to integrate with other 9600 and 9700 family of controls
  • Can be used to update old Jetline or other manufacturers equipment

  • 9700T is used to control the travel speed for linear and circumferential welding applications such as:
    • Longitudinal Seam Welders
    • Side Beam Track and Carriage Systems
    • Powered Turning Roll Drivers
    • Compatible with other manufacturers equipment
    • Welding Positioners
    • Welding Lathes
    • Compatible with other manufactures equipment


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