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Cyclomatic Arc Voltage Control

The Cyclomatic AVC-501 arc voltage control maintains precise arc length by controlling arc voltage thus assuring high quality welds time after time on AC or DC applications. The control measures arc voltage and compares the measurements to the operator setting. It maintains the set arc length by moving the torch up or down as required via a motorized slide.

  • Add to your existing equipment to obtain higher speed welding and consistent penetration
  • Two models are available:
    • AVC-501-6 standard 6” (152 mm) drive stroke
    • AVC-501-1 compact 1” (25 mm) drive stroke
  • Hardened against high frequency noise
  • Provides the patented Lift-StartTM feature for arc starting without HF
  • Fast detection of burn-through with automatic power shut-off and arc head retraction for equipment protection
  • The new control can be used with your older model AVC-3 drive
  • Lowers operator involvement in the weld operation
  • Minimizes set-up times

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