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Cyclomatic Magnetic Arc Controls

The magnetic arc control and electromagnetic probe position, oscillate, or stabilize the arc without torch movement. The probe mounts to the torch to provide precise control and repeatability via the application of magnetic forces around the arc.

  • Stabilizes or controls arc oscillation to ensure a quality weld
  • Easy installation – the magnetic arc probe bolts on to most welding torches
  • Primarily used with GTAW and PAW applications
  • Provides even heat distribution on dissimilar materials
  • Prevents undercutting
  • Eliminates excessive porosity
  • Controls penetration and weld width
  • Can be used with ferrous as well as non ferrous materials like Aluminum
  • Two control models are available: 

         Model 8020 offers oscillation in one axis via a one or two pole probe

    •  4604 single tip, smallest envelope
    •  4508C dual tip probe
    •  4615 most powerful single axis, 2 pole

    Model 8040 provides arc pattern control in two axes using a 4 pole probe

    • 4613A - 4 pole for patterns with the 8040 control

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