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Cyclomatic Tactile Seam Trackers

Maintaining a consistent position of the torch over the weld joint is absolutely critical for automated welding. Tactile seam tracking employs an electromechanical probe that is mounted ahead of the torch. The probe has a tip that rides in the weld joint and when deflected causes the motorized slides to respond vertically or horizontally. The tactile seam tracker can be used to initially find the weld joint, then track the joint while welding, and retract the torch up and away from the part at weld completion.

  • Standard and programmable models are available, depending on the joint configuration and the level of automation required
  • Systems are supplied ready to bolt on to existing welding system
  • System components include:
    • Standard 9660S or Programmable 9660P microprocessor control unit
    • Omni-GuideTM sensor assembly tracks the weld joint and provides correction signals to the control unit; a variety of Omni-guide tips are available
    • Motorized cross-slides (drive assembly)
    • Remote control pendant
  • Weight capacities of the cross slides (drive assemblies) are:
    • 40 lb (18 kg)
    • 250 lb (113 kg)
    • 450 lb (204 kg)
  • Standard stroke lengths are:
    • 3”x3” (76x76 mm)
    • 5”x5” (127x127 mm)
    • 10”x10” (254x254 mm)
    • Other stroke lengths are available - contact the factory
  • Primary usage with GMAW, SAW, and FCAW

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