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Cold Wire Feeders

Cold wire feeders are designed to supply filler metal into the weld puddle during GTAW or PAW. Cold wire feeders provide more accurate wire feed at lower speeds and are specially insulated for the GTAW or PAW environment.

  • 9700W microprocessor control with user friendly software
  • Can increase weld travel speeds with certain materials
  • Some applications require wire to avoid cracking in sensitive materials
  • The addition of wire helps to chill the weld puddle
  • Adds reinforcement to a butt weld or adds wire to a prepared weld joint
  • Provides filler material for an overlay or cladding operation
  • Offers a four-roll feed head with precision motor and tach generator
  • Feeds wire diameters ranging from .020” to .062” (0.5 to 1.6 mm)
  • Closed loop speed control is standard

Models:Standard and precision models available

  • CWF-50A standard cold wire feeder; wire speed range of 4 to 200 IPM (100 to 5080 mm/min) at an accuracy of ±1% of the maximum speed


  • Wire guide Positioners – standard (included), compact, and motorized
  • Pulsed wire feed
  • Wire straightener
  • Wire spool cover


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