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CWF-23 "Dabber" Type Cold Wire Feeder

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CWF-23E “Dabber” type wire feeder

  • Designed to build up weld metal on narrow surfaces while generating relatively little heat input into the parent material
  • Ideal for build-up or repair of surface areas with narrow cross sections like knife edge type jet engine seals and other expensive wear parts. It can be a used for rapid prototyping of seals.
  • Pulsed current TIG welding reduces the heat input generated by the welding arc and aids in consistent weld bead formation
  • The filler wire is synchronized with the power supply’s pulse rate.  When the current is in high pulse, the wire feeder advances the wire and feeds it into the puddle. The puddle is fluid during high pulse and absorbs the filler wire. When the power supply switches to background current level, the wire retracts and the puddle solidifies to form the build-up. This synchronization assures that only one droplet of filler material is formed and deposited to the part during the current high pulse, creating a smooth and consistent weld build-up.
  • The CWF-23E “dabber” style wire feed system is designed to be controlled by the 9900 Controller.


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