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Bolt-On System Components

Cold Wire Feeder

Cold wire feeders are designed to supply filler metal into the weld puddle during GTAW or PAW. Cold wire feeders provide more accurate wire feed at lower speeds and are specially insulated for the GTAW or PAW environment.

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Hot Wire Process

The HWP-50E Hot Wire Process is used where high deposition rates, combined with high quality are needed. Used with the GTAW or PAW welding process, the wire is electrically preheated before it enters the weld pool. The system can be used for the surfacing or the joining of ferrous and non ferrous alloys.

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CWF-23 "Dabber" Type Cold Wire Feeder

The CWF-23E “dabber” type cold wire feeder is designed to provide a controlled feed of filler wire featuring pulsing with wire retract on each pulse. The feeder is ideal for applications requiring small amounts of wire to be applied at relatively low welding currents.

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Mechanical Oscillators

The MO-150-5B mechanical weld oscillator automatically weaves the welding arc increasing production rates and adding better arc control. The MO-150-5B is a stand-alone, bolt on system that includes a control and motorized slide.

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Cyclomatic Magnetic Arc Oscillators

The magnetic arc control and electromagnetic probe position, oscillate, or stabilize the arc without torch movement. The probe mounts to the torch to provide precise control and repeatability via the application of magnetic forces around the arc.

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Cyclomatic Tactile Seam Trackers

Maintaining a consistent position of the torch over the weld joint is absolutely critical for automated welding. Tactile seam tracking employs an electromechanical probe that is mounted ahead of the torch. The probe has a tip that rides in the weld joint and when deflected causes the motorized slides to respond vertically or horizontally. The tactile seam tracker can be used to initially find the weld joint, then track the joint while welding, and retract the torch up and away from the part at weld completion.

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Arc Length Controllers

A Jetline Arc Length Control assures consistent, high quality welds on AC or DC applications by controlling the arc gap (arc length) between the torch tip and work surface. The control measures arc voltage and compares the measurements to the operator setting. It maintains the set arc length by moving the torch up or down as required via a motorized slide.

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Video Monitoring Systems

Jetview VMS Video Arc Monitoring System uses the latest technology in color cameras to provide magnified, high quality image of the welding arc, puddle, and joint area. The VMS let’s you see where the operator can’t go.

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